Each butterfly project and participant is unique. We tailor the activities and process depending on the interests, experiences, and talents of the people we work with. As such, there is a strong belief in DIY at Butterfly. At the same time there are common methods and principles we follow. Drawing on solution design methods developed at Protegra (as well as adapting those from other organizations such as IDEO and Strategyzer) we help young people learn, design, create, and deliver solutions. 


Ideas come from shared experience

Engaging directly with the community in which you live and want to serve is essential. Through this engagement you build empathy and gain experience. By sharing your experience and what you've learned through your exploration you create excitement and momentum to do something - anything - for your community. 

everyone can contribute

Everyone brings something with them. Anyone can be creative and helpful with designing solutions. Through working with groups of like-minded individuals, we create experiences and solutions for virtually any problem. It takes time, commitment, and an ability to work with others. We provide the atmosphere and the process to get the best out of people. We also create fun and engaging activities designed to provoke action. 



build relationships, build confidence 

Spending time with people from diverse backgrounds and reaching out to various communities helps build relationships. These relationships in turn help build your idea, your commitment, and your circle of influence. All of this leads to increased confidence and desire to change the world you live in. You can make your ideas happen - what you need is a team and a process tailored for your needs. Butterfly helps create the space needed to make this happen.