butterfly you

Where Butterfly Labs work primarily with high-school students, Butterfly You will invite and work with youth aged 18-29 in permanent physical locations. This concept is still being developed, and we envision an inaugural location with subsequent locations to quickly follow throughout Canada. These centres will serve as places where youth can discover their talents, develop their skills, and build the relationships necessary to pursue their goals. The goals they pursue can be anything and include community development, entrepreneurship, finding jobs, or simply making friends and building a network.   

In order to make Butterfly You happen we are seeking and developing relationships with youth, their communities, all levels of government, NGOs, and businesses/employers. 

The progress of all Butterfly You participants will be tracked, with each youth provided with a unique profile as a baseline. From this baseline we will work with them to identify areas where they would like to improve (e.g. literacy, numeracy, team leadership, etc.), and design their project experience around these areas. Upon completion of the curriculum (estimated 12 week duration), we will then reassess to see what improvements have been made, and what other steps they may want to take. Taking a more "user-directed" approach to their experience is, in our estimation, the most beneficial. Youth will have a positive and safe space where they can learn through project delivery, and inspire the wider community to get engaged to help them bring about change in their lives and communities. We expect to achieve this through creating collaborative environments throughout Canada, starting in Winnipeg.

By partnering with multiple for-profit and non-profit organizations, we feel that Butterfly You will be able to work with many young people throughout Winnipeg and help them create new opportunities and relationships. Many organizations have already committed to participating in varying degrees with Butterfly You participants, ranging from information sessions to internship opportunities and beyond. Through working on projects and initiatives that they identify as important, youth will guide their own development by directly applying lessons in live environments.