once again on a sailboat

A little while ago I was asked to do another session with the wonderful "m" group from Career Trek. These are very young mothers (or soon to be mothers) who want to explore career and life options while incorporating their specific needs and challenges of being parents. I had done a similar session about a year ago with the same program but with different participants (more on that session here). 

This session was a little different, as the focus was more on creating businesses and discovering customer needs, which I covered utilized Protegra's and Butterfly's approach to customer and product development. The aim of this post isn't to cover that ground, which I have gone over in the past and is quite technical.  

That being said, we did the sailboat activity so I could show them an easy and quick method to start learning from other people in a deep and meaningful way in order to, ultimately, create something worthwhile for them. And, like last time, nobody placed their child as an anchor holding them back. In fact, and similar to last time, they put their children as winds, as motivating forces to help them get to where they want to go.

 partially complete sailboat by some awesome people

partially complete sailboat by some awesome people

And this happening twice now (with a total of 20 participants) has me asking myself a lot of questions. How often do I treat my own children as anchors? How often do you? What would my life - and their life - look like, and what incredible things could we accomplish, if we all insisted on always viewing children as motivations to do better rather than (at times) as people preventing us from doing certain things or standing in our way?