Who Butterfly Is For

 Higher Purpose - @gapingvoid

Higher Purpose - @gapingvoid

During the past few weeks I have been busy creating and submitting proposals to potential funding partners, as well as re-imagining this website. Part of all this work relates to how we portray what Butterfly is, and what it can do.

In addition, this work requires us to answer a more complex question, which is who is butterfly for? Often the answer as to who a product, service, or program is for revolves around demographics and status. For example: people between the ages of 13-29 who live in Canada and are looking for a job – or something similar. Without a doubt there are reams of pages submitted every year that contain this type of information. The problems with the demographic approach are too numerous to get into here, but suffice to say that – at least in terms of butterfly –demographics are (at best) a secondary lens we look through.

Butterfly is for people who feel left behind, who feel that there was something they were supposed to learn at some point that some reason did not learn. In this sense, butterfly is for people who feel that there is something they are supposed to be doing somewhere but cannot find their way to that place.

It is for people who realize that they need to build relationships in order to live a fuller life. That through building these connections they make others stronger, more resilient, and in turn receive purpose.

In a very real way it is for people whose voices shake when they speak in public, who seek atonement, who need to be taken seriously but feel that they are not. It is for those who see vulnerability and empathy as strengths, and are examples of each.

This criteria applies to the mentors as much as it applies to the participants. It applies to youth as much as it applies to people in other age groups.

It certainly applies to me.

At its core, butterfly is for people who seek purpose, honesty, and truth in order to build a better world. I hope to see you soon.